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I specialise in portraiture that is natural, creative and unique.  I love capturing all the details and emotions that make up the special memories that are created on your big day.

As your special day is so important, finding a photographer that fits your budget and style and who will provide you with unique images that will last you a lifetime is of utmost importance.


Capturing the small moments and details of your wedding day is very important to me. Often it is when people don’t realise the camera is on them that the true intimacy and emotion is captured. I try not to be intrusive and photograph your day as it is happening with documentary style photography, showing the natural beauty of the day as it unfolds. I love outdoor, rustic and vintage inspired weddings.


If you are looking for alternative wedding photography, with natural images full of real emotion, please get in touch!



Whilst the posed shots were important to us, it’s the incidental, natural shots that we really love and we knew Rachael would be able to capture those moments. I couldn’t recommend her enough. She blended into the wedding in the best possible way, directing us where she needed to but allowing the flow of the wedding to continue without interruption, and produced the most beautiful photos from it. I haven’t stopped looking at them since they arrived!


—  Alex & Alex


about me

My name is Rachael Fraser, I grew up in a town in the North East of England called Alnwick.


Having grown up in Northumberland I have a great appreciation of the countryside and nature which I think often comes out in my photography. 

I love capturing people when they are unaware and showing the uninhibited emotions and natural beauty  in documentary style photography, it’s not just about the image but also the memory and the story that it tells.


With a focus on real emotions and connections I try to highlight the laughter, joy and love that are felt throughout your wedding day

" Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them"
- Elliott Erwitt

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your wedding and check availability  please get in touch!

You can fill in this contact form or email me directly at 


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