Brides up North


Newton Hall 

October 2019

Rachael is a close friend, so we were already very familiar with her gift for producing sublime photos and knew we didn’t need to look any further. Her photos are beautifully light and romantic, and she has an uncanny ability to capture really special moments with the camera.

You spend so much time with your photographer on your wedding day, so it was really special for us that we were able to do so with someone we knew and felt so comfortable with. Knowing Rachael as both a friend and professional photographer, we couldn’t recommend her enough and we will cherish the photos from our wedding day for life.

Love My Dress


Brinkburn Priory 

July 2019

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Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


Callaly Castle 

July 2019

The talented Rachael Fraser whom I met through my sister. I’ve always enjoyed seeing Rachael’s holiday shots when she and my sister travel together, and I knew Rachael would be the person to capture the atmosphere of our day perfectly – she really did capture the excitement and magic of the day’s events

Brides up North


Alnwick Gardens 

May 2018

Rachael Fraser was our photographer for the day; she was absolutely fantastic and we could not have wished for better pictures, we would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone. 

We had the ceremony and reception at The Alnwick Garden. We had looked at a few different venues which we liked but when we saw the gardens we fell in love with how beautiful it was. On a sunny day, which we fortunately had for our wedding, I think you would struggle to find a more impressive and beautiful venue!

Brides up North


Brinkburn Priory 

July 2018

Our photographer was Rachael Fraser, who was accompanied by Davison Photography. Rachael photographed my best friend’s (and bridesmaid’s) wedding two years before and produced the most beautiful photographs, so it was an easy choice. Whilst the posed shots were important to us, it’s the incidental, natural shots that we really love and we knew Rachael would be able to capture those moments. I couldn’t recommend her enough. She blended into the wedding in the best possible way, directing us where she needed to but allowing the flow of the wedding to continue without interruption, and produced the most beautiful photos from it. I haven’t stopped looking at them since they arrived!

Brides up North


Brinkburn Priory 

June 2019

Rachel Fraser was our photographer for the day. We loved working with Rachael and Rosie. Hamish and I chose her because her photos were just stunning. We both like the bright and airy candid style of photographs she takes and thought it would capture our day perfectly. We wanted the stunning photos without having to be away from our wedding party too long. Rachel and Rosie really understood this and captured beautiful photographs without us knowing they were there most of the time.

Love My Dress


Blackhorse Beamish


“Our fantastic photographer was Rachael Fraser and she totally captured our day exactly how we wanted.  She knew I wasn’t really a fan of posing or getting my photograph taken, but captured lots of natural, personal moments in our wedding which were just stunning.  She has taken possibly the most beautiful pictures of our children I have ever seen on one of the most special days of all of our lives, and we cant stop looking and enjoying them again and again. We will treasure them forever.”

Brides up North


Alnwick Treehouse 


Talented photographer Rachael Fraser brought together a group of innovative suppliers to display the very best of the North East, including the beautiful surroundings of her hometown, Alnwick. We adore the use of warm coppery metallics, which sit perfectly against the lush greenery of the gardens and create a super-gorgeous, slightly frenzied Midsummer Madness-feel. Even the cake is on the wild side, with a delicate floral design that’s (almost) too good to eat.

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